Stephenson Law

In 2017, Alice launched Stephenson Law, with a mission that went beyond law. She wanted to support fast-growth businesses from idea to exit, with jargon-free legals that provided solutions instead of blockers. Not only that, but Alice wanted to redefine what legal services look like, humanising lawyers in the process.

Developing the Strategy

Working closely with Chelsea and Josh from Flow Creative and Jess from Stephenson Law, we were initially given a beautifully designed website created in Figma to be developed directly inside Webflow. The strategy was simple, recreate the stunning design into a fully developed Webflow website.

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Defining the Brand

Stephenson Law have been busy re-hauling and repositioning their brand identity, giving focus to their purpose, their clients and their personality.

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User Experience

Featuring seamless scrolling effects, beautiful slides and interactions and appearing content and animation. We were able to completely revolutionise the user journey. The website has been built with user-friendliness in mind.

I can't recommend Forty3 Media highly enough. They are extremely experienced Webflow designers and developers. We worked with Dan on this large site which really tested the Webflow capabilities and we had a very tight turnaround time. Dan really did go above and beyond to make sure everything was built, working, looked good and even provided additional support to the client. Forty3 Media is our first choice for all things Webflow!

Chelsea Tantum
Producer at FLOW Creative

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