Alisha Louise Aesthetics

Alisha Louise Aesthetics, is an industry-leading clinic in the North West of England with a passion for enhancing natural beauty and bringing out the best in people.

Developing the Strategy

The strategy and aims of this project was to really showcase the range of the highest quality non-surgical advanced aesthetic procedures it a clear manner showing care, love and above all a safe environment. The layout, white space and stunning photography really shines here and reflects Alisha's clinic.

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Defining the Brand

Together we wanted to revamp their existing website and also provide a more informative place to find out all about the treatments they offer and the conditions they can treat. And we think we have managed to achieve this wonderfully by really abiding by Alisha's values; Trust, Safety, Responsibility & Integrity - the 4 key pillars to the Alisha's brand.

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User Experience

The UX is really important here, the clients visiting the website in most cases will have a condition they are looking for help with, the flow and direction from 'condition' to 'treatment' is seamless with all the relevant information from procedure's, timescales, FAQ and of course CTA. By using an iterative approach to the design and working closely with the Alisha & Rachel team, we were able to completely revolutionise the user journey. The website has been built with user-friendliness in mind.

Huge thank you to Dan The Man at Forty3 Media for designing this super slick website. I’ve known Dan since 2016 when he developed my last website and our businesses have grown and developed so much that my old website was unrecognisable! He has gone above and beyond in every detail to make this website absolutely perfect. I would wholeheartedly recommend him time and time again. Thank you so much Dan 🙏🏼

Alisha Lousie Aesthetics

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